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Everyone talks about having presents on the web. I don't understand. How do they get the spiders to wrap them?

Sad to say, but since becoming disabled, I no longer have the ability to update this site. It remains static as it was last updated, and will have to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I miss my former life, and my career, but I won't waste any time being maudlin or fretting about it. Life goes on. There is always someone with bigger problems than mine, and I'm only boring myself by spending time whining about my own.

I built this site for two reasons: to keep in touch with my family, and to stretch my use of web development tools. If I have succeeded in the former, I'm not as concerned with the latter. I enjoy this opportunity to share some small part of my life with friends and family I am otherwise separated from (whether by time, by distance, or by choice).

Please enjoy your visit, and if you feel compelled to respond by renewing an acquaintance with an old friend or family member you haven't contacted in a while, my fondest hope will be fulfilled.

This page was last updated on March 31, 2008 .
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Oh, wait. 

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